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In addition to our extensive range of sheds and outdoor storage options, we also have a thriving plant nursery at Shedland Garden Centre, 19-21 Boundary Road, Thornlands.  Open from 10am to 4pm, Wednesday to Sunday (closed most Public Holidays), we specialise in locally-grown, top quality, rare, native and exotic palms and tropical plants, all perfectly suited to Brisbane's subtropical climate.  Our healthy, happy and hardy plants have all been raised with love and care in the great outdoors (no greenhouses) and are ready for planting in your garden now!  Our feature palms come in a range of sizes from small 250mm pots to advanced 300L bags (and every size in between, for sale at bloomin' beautiful prices!  So, what are you waiting for?  Come on in to choose your favourites!  Please check out our latest sales adverts on Gumtree and join us on Facebook and Instagram @shedlandgardencentre.  In the meantime, here's a short list of our very best sellers! 


  • Ravenea Rivularis is a very attractive solitary palm from Madagascar
  • Has a beautiful crown, is fast growing to 15-20m tall, and is self-cleaning
  • A hardy and adaptable palm that favours full to part sun and handles strong winds
  • Can be successfully grown in tropical, subtropical and temperate regions
  • Great for tubs/pots indoors in a well-lit position and tolerates cool conditions
  • Available in a range of sizes from small 250mm pots 1m tall to advanced 300L bags 2m tall
  • Please see our Gumtree adverts for the latest prices and photos of our current stock

  • Dypsis Lutescens is a popular clumping palm from Madagascar that makes a brilliant instant privacy screen
  • A multi-stemmed palm with golden stems and long, soft, bright green fronds 
  • Has a dozen golden coloured trunks that curve out from the base, in a thicket-like habit
  • One of the most popular palms in tropical and subtropical areas
  • Very easy to grow, fast growing to 6m tall and 2.5m wide, and extremely attractive!
  • Makes an great natural privacy screen around pools and along fence lines
  • Extremely hardy in full to part sun, but can also be grown indoors in cooler climates, in well-lit positions
  • At Shedland Garden Centre now in small 300mm pots to XXL advanced stock in 300L bags


  • Wodyetia Bifurcata is a popular Australian native with a compact, neat habit
  • Prized by landscapers for their extreme attractiveness and sun hardiness 
  • Has an arching crown of fronds that looks like a fox's tail swaying in the breeze
  • Has a wonderful, smooth, self-cleaning trunk and is very low maintenance
  • Slow growing (just 60cm a year under good conditions) up to 10m tall
  • Named in honour of ‘Wodyeti’, an Aboriginal bushman, Foxies are both cyclone proof and drought tolerant
  • Available in small 250mm pots 1m tall to XL 500mm pots 2m+ tall - all are happy, healthy and sun-hardened!
  • Please check out our latest Foxtail Palms advert on Gumtree for photos and prices of our current stock


  • Bismarckia Nobilis is a sun-loving single-trunked fan palm from Madagascar
  • Has a large and heavy crown of bluish-grey green leaves and a striking appearance
  • Complements other 'blue' plants such as Blue Cane, Triangle Palm, Dragon Tree and Hot Rio Nights
  • A good palm for pots and patios, or a specimen plant in medium to large gardens
  • Useful as an indoor feature when kept in a moist, brightly lit area 
  • A self-cleaning and drought palm that grows best in tropical areas
  • Available in 300mm, 400mm/45L, 500mm/75L and 100L sizes for purchase at Shedland Garden Centre


  • Rhapis Excelsa is a multi-stemmed fan palm from southern China
  • Highly decorative, shade-loving, and very slow growing to 2m
  • Has large fan-shaped, glossy leaves borne on dark, woven, fibrous stems
  • Also grows well in sheltered, shady outdoor positions in tropical to temperate climates
  • One of the best indoor and shady garden palms because of their attractive, compact habit
  • Can be established under large trees and grows best if mulched and kept moist
  • Perfect as a tub plant and can be kept in the same container for years 
  • For sale at SGC in 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 90L pots now!


  • Strelitzia Nicolai is an ornamental, tall palm-like plant with large broad leaves up to 1m long
  • In Spring and early Summer, plants bear unusual large beak-like blue and white flowers with deep purple bracts
  • Ideal for creating a lush, tropical effect in the garden, these stunning fan-shaped plants grow to 3-4m tall and wide!
  • Thrives in rich, moist soil in a sunny to partly shaded positions, also great in pots and indoors in well-lit areas


  • Cordyline Broad Leaf Form is a striking and elegant evergreen plant best performing in part sun
  • The foliage comes in a variety of colours and leaves may be a single colour or variegated
  • Cordylines are versatile plants suited to both minimalist garden designs and more natural, tropical landscapes
  • Plant for a striking mass display outdoors in tropical areas in shade to partial sun
  • Also performs well in tubs and large containers in warm, sheltered courtyards and on decks
  • Ideal as an indoor plant, cordylines should be protected from frost and prefers well drained soil or free draining potting mix


  • Alcantarea Imperialis are stunning 'giant' bromeliads that perform well in full sun to full shade!
  • The flower spike, which can take up to 15 years to produce, can be as tall as 2.5m for maximum striking-colour effect!
  • Each plant can eassily grow to 1m cubed and are best planted in groups outside and the plant itself up to 1.5m wide.  
  • Silver Plums have been grown from seed and are a relatively rare collector’s plant not spoilt by tissue culture.  
  • These beautiful bromeliads have thick powdery silver/grey-green leaves with rich red to deep plum coloured undersides and bases.
  • Devine Plums are even rarer and develop incredibly rich majenta-plum colkouring on both sides of their thick, smooth leaves
  • They make excellent feature plants in decorative pots on patios and on verandahs, along driveways or alongside houses and pools
  • As with most bromedliads, frosty spots should be avoided and good drainage provided
  • Bromeliads have thick, shallow roots so are best grown in loose, thick, free draining soil
  • They prefer to be watered from above so their leaves and centre can catch and hold water, like a living vase!


  • Philodendron Winterbourn is an outstanding hybrid Philodendron bearing lush green foliage
  • Xanadu will develop into a magnificent feature about ​1m tall and 1m wide, making it a showpiece in any home, patio or garden
  • Xanadu is a beautiful shade-loving foliage plant with deeply lobed distinctive leaves
  • This compact growing plant is suited to shade, part sun, indoor planting and containers in cooler climates
  • The gorgoeus leaves make great cut foliage or flower arranging!
  • Young plants have perfectly smooth leaves that develop their signature, decorative 'wiggly' foliage as they mature

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